U'n'l Health and Wellbeing

U'n'l Health and Wellbeing

U’n’I Health and Wellbeing is a partnership campaign across UCL, UAL, University of London and Birkbeck University; working with the local NHS and charities, to better support students access health and care services.

This site offers information on mental health, physical health, sexual health, GP registration, support and charity and voluntary services available for students.

Use the Right Service

Minor cuts and grazes
Bruises and minor sprains
Coughs and colds
Self Care

Stock your medicine cabinet

Minor illnesses
Stomach upsets
Bites and stings

Feeling unwell?
Need help?
NHS 111

Persisten symptons
Chronic pain
Long term conditions
GP Advice

Out of Hours call 111

Chest pain
Blacking out
Serious blood loss
A&E or 999

Emergencies only