Primary Care Networks

Launched on Monday 1 July 2019, Primary Care Networks are groups of GP practices working closely together with other primary and community care staff and health and care organisations to provide integrated services to their local populations.

The initiative comes alongside efforts to recruit more GPs and is part of the NHS Long Term Plan launched in January 2019.

Each network has appointed a clinical director, and, during 2019/20, will have access to funding for a clinical pharmacist and a social prescribing link worker, followed by funding for other roles from 2021 onwards.

With seven networks having launched in Camden, detailed below are the population sizes and Clinical Directors for each network.

As a patient you will remain registered at your local practice, be able to see a GP as before, use the same telephone number and access the same health and care services.

West Camden

    • Clinical Director: Dr Ehsan Alkizwini
    • Population: 43812

Central Hampstead

    • Clinical Director: Dr Pezhman N-Fard
    • Population: 39537

North Camden

    • Clinical Director: Drs Tom Aslan / Andrew Stuart
    • Population: 62640

Kentish Town Central

    • Clinical Director: Dr Alex Warner
    • Population: 31797

Kentish Town South

    • Clinical Director: Dr Dilini Kalupahana
    • Population: 29201

Central Camden

    • Clinical Director: Dr Ammara Hughes
    • Population: 62640

South Camden

    • Clinical Director: Dr Jonathan Hazon
    • Population: 33640

For more information please refer to NHS England’s Frequently Asked Questions which are available below:

FAQs – April 2019

  • Topics include: general background, working arrangements, funding, contracting, the setup of networks, governance, development support, wider system and future planning and further information and next steps.

FAQs – May 2019

  • Topics include: the setup of the networks, governance, funding, contracting, GP Federations, development support and estates.