Delivering the NHS Long Term Plan in North Central London

Published in 2019, the NHS Long Term Plan sets out a 10-year programme that aims to improve health and care for local people so that they can get the right care, in the right place, at the right time. Every area of the country has been asked to develop a response to the plan setting out how its ambitions are going to be delivered locally.

  • You can read a simple guide to what the NHS Long Term Plan is here
  • You can read our local response for North Central London on the NCL Sustainability and Transformation Partnership website

An Integrated Care System for North Central London

To deliver the Long Term Plan in North Central London we are building on recent successful partnership working to become an Integrated Care System (ICS). This is a new model of providing joined-up health and care that involves even closer collaboration between local NHS organisations, councils and other groups, such as charities and community groups. Together, we will take collective responsibility for managing resources, delivering NHS standards, and improving the health and wellbeing of local people. Our integrated care system will bring together primary and specialist care; physical and mental health services; and health and social care – and in doing so, will support the delivery of our local response to the NHS Long Term Plan.

By working together in this way it means we can:

  • Provide better, more joined-up care for residents
  • Provide care that is tailored to individual needs
  • Help people to live healthier lives for longer
  • Help people to stay out of hospital when they don’t need to be there.

As part of our planning work we have been speaking to local residents about the best ways to arrange health and care services across North Central London over the next five years. You can read about some of the local conversations we have had in a report by Healthwatch Camden and wider conversations across North Central London. There are a number of ongoing ways you can get involved in these discussions:

  1. Attend upcoming public events organised by the CCG
  2. Invite a member of the team to speak at a local event you have organised
  3. Email us your questions or comments
  4. Contact us by phone at 020 3816 3075

Forming one clinical commissioning group for North Central London in April 2020

The five Clinical Commissioning Groups in North Central London (NCL CCG) will form one organisation from April 2020. Forming one NCL CCG will enable us to participate effectively in the emerging Integrated Care System for the five boroughs.

The role of the future organisation will be to commission safe, effective and responsive services that meet population health needs, promote wellbeing and reduce inequalities, to deliver the maximum positive impact within the resources available. We are proud that some of the health and care services offered in North Central London are among the best in the country, but there is still more work to do to better join up care for residents, tackle ongoing health inequalities, reduce waste and build a financially sustainable system for the future.

Our Case For Change presentation summarises why we think forming one clinical commissioning group is the right thing to do, to:

  • Accelerate our work to build new ways of working across the system
  • Build a more efficient and effective operating model
  • Make better use of our resources for local residents and achieve economies of scale
  • Support the development of Integrated Care Partnerships and Primary Care Networks
  • Become an organisation with much greater resilience
  • Provide a single, strong and consistent vision and voice for our partners
  • Enable greater opportunities for working together as ‘one NHS’ to deliver improved outcomes for our population and reduce health inequalities.

The presentation outlines the principles we are following to form the new organisation and the future strategic commissioning approach we will take. More detailed information on our proposals can also be found in the papers taken to our public Governing Body meeting in September 2019.

As a single CCG we will continue to work closely with Councils, providers, general practices, voluntary, community organisations, and unions, to achieve our shared aims. Involving local residents and service users in setting priorities, developing plans and shaping services, will also be essential to our success.

Patient and public engagement (PPE) will be integral to the new CCG. We are currently developing our approach to PPE for NCL CCG to ensure engagement is embedded in the values of the organisation itself and each individual working for and with the single CCG. One of the three Lay Members on the future Governing body will have a PPE and Equalities focus, making sure it remains a high priority amongst all levels in the organisation. You can find out more about public events, where we will be bring updates on a regular basis, on the  ‘How to Get Involved’ page.

If you have any questions, would like further information about the changes or would like someone from the CCG to come and talk to your organisation about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us via