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The story so far

Camden is a very diverse borough, with more than 230,000 residents.

In Camden, the care that people receive outside of hospital comes from many different places, including GP surgeries, community health centres, specialist units and social services.

We are currently in a time of increased financial pressure and also demand for services. As such, we have been working with residents and service providers to review how services are currently provided in Camden, and what needs to change in order to make the system work better for patients and professionals, and to make it sustainable for the future.

We are now aiming to bring together the services that can be accessed by individuals living in Camden to provide an improved quality of service that makes better use of our resources. 

This approach to health and care will be more consistent and have a focus on prevention and supporting people to care for themselves, not just treating people when they are unwell.

You can read a summary of Camden's Local Care Strategy here.

What's next?

Camden's Local Care Strategy looks towards a future where we can deliver the best health and care for all people in Camden. 

This is a large programme of work, with more than 30 initiatives being worked on throughout 2018/19.

These have been divided into:

  • Adult health and care
  • Children and young people health and care
  • Mental health, wellbeing and learning disabilities
  • Primary care.

We also have a number of workstreams that cut across the whole system, where specific changes are needed such as workforce, IT and estates.

You can read more about our priority initiatives here.


How can I get involved?

We have developed this approach to make sure health and care services are sustainable for all local people. It is therefore very important that Camden residents are involved at every stage.

We have had input and involvement from residents, patients, voluntary agencies and a range of health, care and community providers throughout the development of Camden's Local Care Strategy. We want this to continue while we begin to implement specific initiatives within the strategy.


If you would like to get more involved in the process, there are a number of opportunities.

Healthwatch - We work closely with Healthwatch Camden who form part of our partnership and act as a voice for the people of Camden.

Social media - You can like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to make sure you stay in the loop.    

Patient and public meetings - Open meetings of the Camden Patient and Public Engagement Group (CPPEG) are held every second month and Local Care initiatives are regularly on the agenda.

Patient participation groups - All GP practices in Camden have an active Patient Participation Group (PPG). Contact your practice if you're interested in joining yours.

For more information about attending meetings or getting involved, please email camccg.localcare@nhs.net 

We have also set up a Citizens Panel that includes more than 1,000 Camden residents who regularly share their views on local services and what needs to change.

Partnership providers

The Local Care Strategy is a partnership strategy, overseen by a board that has representatives from local providers, as well as patient organisations, commissioners and voluntary organisations.

Below is a list of the providers involved in our Camden Local Care Partnership:

Your representative will be able to explain what the strategy means for you in your role.

If your organisation isn’t on the list and/or you would like to find out more please email: camccg.localcare@nhs.net

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