Our Performance

We have produced six short plain English briefing papers setting out our performance against our key indicators set by NHS England in its Clinical Commissioning Group Improvement and Assessment Framework.

The papers include details of the indicators, how well we are performing against them and what action we are taking to do even better and address any shortcomings.

They cover services for: cancer, diabetes, dementia, learning disabilities and mental health and can be found in the download section.

We are also sharing case studies highlighting our successes in four other areas of work:

·        Medicines management: Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR)
·        Diabetes Integrated Practice Unit
·        Mental Health: Team Around the Practice (TAP)
·        Frail and Elderly Multii-Disciplinary Team (MDT).

Follow this link to view copies of the case studies




pdfCancer care (0.25 MB)

pdfDementia (0.20 MB)

pdfDiabetes (0.25 MB)

pdfMaternity (0.20 MB)