What is Assuring Transformation?

NHS England have produced a leaflet for people with a learning disability, autism or both, who are in hospital and for their families and carers.

This leaflet tells you how NHS England puts information together to give better care for people with a learning disability, autism or both. It is important that Assuring Transformation has information about all patients with a learning disability, autism or both getting care in a hospital. This way, we can be sure that all patients are getting the right care in the right place. NHS digital and NHS England make sure patients’ confidential information is protected so that nobody could work out who the progress reports are talking about.People who do not want details about their care to be put in the Assuring Transformation, need to tell their commissioner (the person who pays for their care).

If you would like support to say ‘no’ to sharing your information, you can talk to a family member, an advocate or a self-advocacy group. If you do not want NHS Digital to collect information about you or someone you care for, please let us, Camden CCG know. Contact details are set out in the leaflet.