Sustainability and Transformation Plan updated

The draft North Central London Sustainability and Transformation Plan was originally submitted in October 2016. In February this year we published a refreshed version to reflect the work that had taken place since the original submission. We made a commitment to provide a further, updated version in April 2017 to reflect further work on the implementation priorities and an update of the financial analysis underpinning the plan.

The updated plan includes a change in name to North London, Partners in Health & Care to reflect the partnership of health and care organisations working together to deliver our plan and the community they serve. Our commitment to the people of North London is that we will work together along with the voluntary sector, and our residents, to improve the health and wellbeing of the community.

The draft plan will be discussed in the public board and governing body meetings of the organisations within the partnership after the general election on 8 June 2017.

The original draft plan was a technical document and it continues to be so in this update. This revised version includes more detail of the delivery plans and an updated financial analysis as well as our communications and engagement approach going forward.

A revised public summary of the plan, written in plain English, will be published after 8 June 2017. It will be available on this and other partner organisation websites. This ‘reader friendly’ document is intended to help inform our community, encourage and support public engagement, and invite feedback.

Our plan is based on the case for change, developed by the North London Health and Care Cabinet. This cabinet represents the best clinical expertise from a range of health and care professionals. North London partners in health & care is a work in progress and we are keen to give local people, patients, and staff the opportunity to have their say and participate as we begin to implement our proposals.