Saturday GP appointments to launch across Camden

All Camden patients can request a Saturday GP or nurse appointment at one of three locations in Camden from Saturday 18 June. 

The service is aimed at people who find it difficult to visit their GP surgery during normal opening hours. It is funded by Camden CCG and delivered by the Camden GP Federation (Haverstock Healthcare). 

Patients make an appointment in the usual way through their own GP surgery. If an appointment is available and appropriate, it will be booked between 9am and 1pm at one of three locations: 

  • South Camden Centre for Health, Euston (currently available)
  • West Hampstead Medical Centre (from 18 June)
  • Hampstead Group Practice (from 25 June)

Saturday GP and nurse appointments have been available for patients in south Camden since February.

Shira Rotem, from Bloomsbury, was one of the first patients to attend an appointment. 

Shira said: “I think it’s great. My GP doesn’t do Saturday appointments and I work during the week. When you are sick you don’t want to wait a week to be seen – being able to come on a Saturday really helps”. 

Dr Stephen Yaxley, a GP at James Wigg Practice in Kentish Town, has delivered some of the appointments.  

Stephen said: “It’s really exciting to see Saturday appointments being rolled out across Camden. We know that people want better access to GP services and these appointments can really help patients who struggle to get to their own surgery during the week, due to work or other important commitments. 

“Saturday appointments also have the potential to reduce pressure on A&E and other urgent care services, by creating more opportunities for people to see a GP or nurse at a time that’s convenient for them.”

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