Plan for new musculoskeletal service agreed

Camden CCG has agreed a plan to transform musculoskeletal services (MSK) for adults in Camden, with the aim of improving patient outcomes and experiences. 

MSK services see patients with injuries or conditions related to their muscles, bones or joints. Currently, a range of providers deliver different parts of our MSK service. Patients have told us that they find the system complicated, have to wait too long for an appointment and find the referral process inefficient.   

On 9 March our Governing Body approved a proposal to commission an integrated MSK service through a single contract. This means that one provider will be responsible for delivering all MSK services and ensuring excellent patient outcomes. Existing services which are valued by patients will continue to be available. 

The plan was developed with the input of MSK patients, GPs and specialist clinicians. 

The new service will make it easier for care to be focused on individual patient needs. Patients will benefit from:

  • a convenient single point of access throughout their time using the service
  • shorter waiting times and no duplication of imaging procedures
  • better and more personalised information, delivered at the right time, so they can make informed decisions
  • improved integration between care providers, so they can seamlessly move between their chosen providers and types of care. 

We aim to appoint a service provider by late 2016. Patients with experience ofMSK services will play an important role in this appointment process. Suitably qualified service providers can read a contract summary and submit a pre-qualification questionnaire by 2 May 2016 on GOV.UK Contracts Finder.

The new MSK service is expected to launch in spring 2017.