NHS Camden CCG Governing Body Elections - Nominations open

Nominations are open for the election of a Governing Body GP Representative and a Practice Manager Representative on the NHS Camden Clinical Commissioning Group (‘Camden CCG’) Governing Body, which was officially announced today. 

What is the Governing Body?

Camden CCG’s Governing Body is responsible for Camden CCG’s strategy, financial control and probity, risk management, oversight and assurance, and deciding which services to commission to improve the health and well-being of the people of Camden. Additionally, it has a role to help improve the quality of locally delivered primary care services. 

Who is being elected?

The election is to select a Governing Body GP Representative and the Practice Manager Representative that sit on the Governing Body. 

Who can stand for election?

Only GPs working at least two clinical sessions per week at a Camden CCG member practice can stand for election as the Governing Body GP Representative. 

Only practice managers working in Camden CCG member practices can stand for election as the Practice Manager Representative. 

When do Nominations close?

Nominations close at 5pm on Friday 28th September 2018. 

When does voting start?

The election itself starts on Monday 15th October 2018 and close at 5 pm on Friday 2nd November 2018. 

Who can vote in the Elections?

Only GPs on the Camden section of the Performers List working at least one clinical session per year at a Camden CCG member practice are eligible to vote to elect the elected GP Governing Body member. 

Only practice managers working within member practices can vote for the Practice Manager Representative. Each practice manager has one vote. 

Who sits on the Governing Body?

The Governing Body has a total of 23 members. There are 17 voting members and 6 non-voting members. 

The voting members on the Governing Body are:

 Elected members

  • Locality GP Representative- North Locality
  • Locality GP Representative- South Locality
  • Locality GP Representative- West Locality
  • Sessional/Salaried GP Representative
  • Elected GP Representatives (x3)
  • Practice Nurse Representative
  • Practice Manager Representative

Non-Elected Members

  • Accountable Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Public Health
  • Lay member- Governance and Audit
  • Lay member- Patient and Public Involvement
  • Lay Member- General Portfolio
  • Secondary Care Nurse
  • Secondary Care Clinician

The non-voting Governing Body members are:

  • Camden Council Representative 
  • Local Medical Committee Representative 
  • Health Watch Representative
  • Voluntary Action Camden Representative
  • Camden Public and Patient Engagement Group representative
  • Health and Wellbeing Board Observer 

Can members of the public stand for election or vote?

Members of the public are not able to stand for election or vote. This is due to the legal structure of Camden CCG, the rules that Camden CCG has to abide by, and the role each elected representative plays on the Governing Body. 

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about the elections please click on the link below; this opens the site that we have established for candidates and our member practices. It contains all election documents and information. 

The election page: Governing Body GP Representative and Practice Manager election

Further enquiries

We have a FAQ page on the election website that contains a lot of helpful information. However, if you are unable to find the answer you are looking for please contact Andrew Spicer, Governance Lead at Camden CCG, by e-mail. Andrew or a member of the election team will respond to your query within seven business days. Please include your telephone number in the e-mail as it may be possible to resolve your query over the phone. We will only be able to discuss election queries via this email address. 

The e-mail address is: Camden.voting@nhs.net