Health services working together to keep people well this winter

Health services in Camden are working together through this winter to ensure that people stay well and receive the best care when they need it.

The three-pronged plan is focused on preventing people getting ill, ensuring they get the most appropriate care if they do, and supporting them to return home from hospital as soon as they are ready.

A major publicity campaign was launched in the autumn to encourage people particularly at risk of flu – for instance older people, younger children and people with certain health conditions – to take up their free jabs. Older people have also been given advice on staying warm to help reduce their risk of falling ill.

People who develop minor ailments such as coughs and colds are being advised to visit a pharmacist. In addition, the new 111 service will combine out-of-hours GPs with 24 hour telephone advice.

Patients in hospital who have returned to fitness will receive support to help them go home. Hospital social workers will be working seven days a week and 10 “step down” beds will be available at the St Pancras Hospital Rehabilitation Unit to prepare patients to leave.

A spokesperson said: “By identifying and focusing on the needs of individuals through this winter we can ensure they stay fitter and receive the most appropriate care. That’s good news for everyone who might need to use the service.”