Developing and strengthening relationships with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) patients in Camden General Practices

North Central London CCGs are delighted to announce our area has recently been accepted into an exciting and fully funded programme that will help GP Practices significantly strengthen and develop their relationships with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) patients. This is wonderful news as Pride Month draws to a close and the London Pride Parade takes to the streets on July 6th.

Pride in Practice enables practitioners to confidently and effectively meet the needs of their LGBT patients through training, increased awareness and understanding the different healthcare needs that practitioners may encounter with LGBT patients. This means better patient experience and improved clinical outcomes for a population we all have a duty to support.

Pride in Practice is endorsed and informed by the Royal College of General Practitioners, Care Quality Commission, Royal College of Nursing, and Government Equalities Office as well as regulatory bodies in dentistry, pharmacy, and optometry. It enables practices to evidence their commitment and compliance with the General Medical Council Good Practice Guidelines and the Equality Act 2010.

Pride in Practice was launched by the LGBT Foundation in Manchester - 100% of the 4,496 health professionals trained can evidence improvements within their service as a result and 70% of all practices the scheme has awarded accreditation to are rated ‘Outstanding’ by CQC.

Training and accreditation is free. The offer includes many types of support and information, for example:

  • Access to training around LGBT inclusion
  • Information on how to provide appropriate services to LGBT people
  • Support around Sexual Orientation and Trans Status Monitoring
  • Myth busting and confidence building with staff around terminology and appropriate language.
  • Access to the Pride in Practice compendium which includes a wealth of information on conditions prevalent in LGBT communities and information on sexual health, mental health, cancer screening for LGBT people, referral pathways into specialist LGBT services (such as Gender Identity Services), and legal rights of LGBT people.
  • Access to posters, rainbow lanyards and a suite of LGBT information resources - as a visual representation of inclusivity and source of support and information for LGBT patients.

CCGs are currently working with the national leads to plan next steps and will be in touch with more information.

If you have any questions please email