Camden CCG pledges to end mental health stigma

Camden CCG’s Chief Officer Dorothy Blundell has signed the Time to Change pledge, confirming Camden CCG’s commitment to ending mental health stigma and discrimination.

Mental health problems are very common with one in four people experiencing a mental health problem in any given year. 

Almost 90% of people that experience mental health problems say that they face stigma and discrimination as a result, which can be worse than the symptoms themselves. 

Camden CCG’s senior management team have developed an Action Plan that will enable all staff to come together to actively bring change to stigma and discrimination.

In signing this pledge, Camden CCG joins partners London Borough of Camden Council and Islington CCG, who have also pledged their support of the Time to Change initiative. 

Individuals within Camden CCG have also made personal pledges highlighting how they plan to pursue change and end mental health stigma and discrimination. 

To see Camden CCG’s pledge and find out more about Time to Change, visit