NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is care arranged and funded by the NHS for people with ongoing, complex healthcare needs. Care can be delivered in your own home, care homes, or non-acute hospitals. NHS Continuing Healthcare is free and is different to NHS Funded Nursing Care, which some people with less complex needs living in care homes receive.

People that may qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare include those living with a complex medical condition who require a lot of care and support or those who need highly specialised nursing support. This includes people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities (including disabled older people), and mental health needs including dementia.

The following Continuing Healthcare (CHC) film explains the framework and process for CHC. You can also visit YouTube for a playlist version of the video, in 10 sections, so you can pick those most relevant to you.

For further information, including the Refreshed Redress Guidance, please visit the NHS England website.