Stakeholder views of patient and community engagement (2019/2020)

We asked a number of local stakeholders to give feedback on how Camden CCG is doing in relation to community and patient engagement during 2019/20. We received feedback from the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Tackling Health Inequalities and Promoting Independence at the London Borough of Camden, Chair and staff at Camden Disability Action, CCG Lay Governing Body members, Chair of Camden Patient & Public Engagement Group, Healthwatch Camden, Camden Carers Service and much more. You can view our local stakeholder’s feedback below. 

Pat Callaghan - Deputy Leader, Health and Wellbeing Board Member and Cabinet Member for Healthy and Caring in Camden.

Involving the public in governance

I feel that this is seen as a very necessary priority in Camden CCG, in order to deliver the right services with the most impact for our community. Who better to take advice from than ‘experts by experience’ - we are all here to improve the health of the population, and who better than our population to help us do just that. I single out the two non-exec Directors, and the patient representative on the Governing Body. All three truly represent patients’ needs and the overall service delivery benefits from their sterling work.

Annual reporting

As the cabinet member within the Council who is responsible for working with partners such as the CCG, I am totally reassured by interaction between our officers and the Health professionals. The CCGs Annual Report is just one in a range of ways that we are kept updated as to the joint working across a wide range of organisations.

Day to day practice

Our GPs are very active and completely committed to meeting the needs of residents within their communities. They take their responsibility to deliver services which improve overall health very seriously. They are also working with the council on improving the determinants of health. Which in turn will help with our integration agenda.

Feedback and evaluation

I never fail to be impressed with the dedication of our health professionals and their teams, I have a good relationship with members of the CCG and get regular feedback from the two Non-exec Directors, the Chair and the Chief Operating Officer and the Senior Engagement Manager. This is extremely useful in our forward planning around the Health integration agenda.

Equalities and health inequalities

Within Camden the CCG, Healthwatch, the VCS and other organisations all work together to promote and improve health services for those in most need. We are also very aware of the determinants and their impact on the quality of life of our residents. We are all committed to developing strategies and policies which will translate in to better services for our community. Alongside this one of our primary focus’s will now be on the prevention agenda within our communities, helping to improve our populations health, and making neighbourhood resources accessible so that care closer to home can benefit all our residents who need care.

Matthew Parris, Healthwatch Camden

During 2019/20, Camden CCG has continued to demonstrate that it recognises the value of patient and community engagement and we see a clear commitment from senior leadership to put patient voice at the heart of decision making.

In the current work around integration across the north London footprint, Camden CCG has shown it recognises the importance of patient engagement that is strongly rooted in local connections. The working relationship between the CCG and Healthwatch Camden continues to grow. The Chair of Healthwatch Camden sits on the CCG Board and her contribution on matters of governance is welcomed. Healthwatch Camden is a stakeholder member of the Camden CCGs Patient and Public Engagement Group (CPPEG) and our active participation is always sought and encouraged. Our staff team are in regular contact with the engagement leads for the CCG, sharing insight around patient experience. The CCG senior leadership take an interest in the work programme of Healthwatch Camden and indicate a willingness to learn from the findings of our own engagement work. Healthwatch Camden is regularly invited by the CCG to present at their patient engagement events. This year has seen us working closely together to hear from patients about their experience of attending outpatient appointments at our local hospitals. The CCG has also reached out to Healthwatch Camden to ask us to play a significant role in Camden’s new Local Care Partnership Board which we welcome as evidence of the value placed on patient and community engagement.

Kathy Elliott - Vice Chair and Lay Governing Body member responsible for Patient and community Engagement, NHS Camden CCG 

Involving the public in governance

As the lead Lay Member for patient and public involvement, I continually review our governance arrangements.  They are strong and embedded, and kept refreshed through induction processes; regular review of our business objective; and reporting at each public Governing Body meeting.  Going forward we see opportunities to strength arrangements as part of our work on integration.

Annual reporting

Reporting is continuous throughout the year, at Governing Body public meetings, through communications, and as part of our Annual General Meeting and report.

Day to day practice

Specialist expertise in public and patient engagement/ focus is available to support all staff and the organisation generally to deliver and embed our work.  We regularly reach out to NHS providers, partners and voluntary sector groups.  I have seen many examples of where we listen and find ways forward for issues of concern locally.

Feedback and evaluation

Improving this area of our practice has been a high priority in 19/20.  All Patient Voice, Governing Body reports, include a number of examples.  They are also highlighted in a new section of the CCG website – ‘you said, we did, and what difference did it make’ on our website.  I have been assured that the CCG is committed to demonstrating to all our partners and publics that engagement is making a difference.

Equalities and health inequalities

In the past year we have reviewed and ‘reset’ our relationship with public health, to ensure we are increasing the effectiveness of our work to address health inequalities.   The Director of Public Health is an active member of the Governing Body, and members of the public health team contribute to committees, such as the integrated commissioning committee; the local care strategy delivery board; and the health and wellbeing board.   The annual report of our equalities and diversity work highlighted successes and provided a focus for discussion and priorities for 19/20.  I am currently the chair of the CCG Equalities and Diversity Group.

Chloe Morales Oyarce, Head of Communications and Engagement at North London Partners in health and care (North central London STP)

Camden CCG has been central to collaborative work with colleagues across the system to effectively engage on major health transformation programmes and public consultations such as NCL’s Adult Elective Orthopaedic Services Review and Moorefield’s Eye Hospital relocation and a collective system response to the NHS Long Term Plan. This has ensured that we have been able to seek feedback to understand the needs of Camden’s residents, communities and the VCSE sector through their well-established engagement channels. 

Hilary Lance – Elected Patient Representative Chair of the Camden CCG’s Public and Patient Engagement Group (CPPEG)

Involving the public in governance

Camden CCG and the Governing Body (GB) remain totally committed to involving patients and the public in matters of governance. The patient representative chair of Camden CCG Public and Patient Engagement Group (CPPEG) and the GB lay member lead with responsibility for patient engagement have a regular slot at every meeting. The GB received a detailed Patient Voice report of all recent engagement activities and outcomes.  I have always found that the public/patient representative contribution is welcomed and encouraged on any item on the agenda.  The Chair of Healthwatch and the Executive Director of Voluntary Action Camden also sit on the GB.

At these GB meetings the CPPEG chair also has the opportunity to report on a couple of “patient stories”   -   both examples of good outcomes / patient experience but also examples where things could have been done better.  These latter stories have regularly resulted in positive action being taken by the CCCG leading to change.

The CCG hosts several public meetings a year on informing on key issues and inviting comments. Much of this plus the results of other focused consultation exercises fed back to the GB via the patient Voice Report (you said, we did format) and via consultation routes.  

Annual Reporting

The CCGs Annual Report and GB Patient Voice Reports demonstrate commitment to enhancing services though integrating delivery with partners across a wide range of organisations.  Recently patient representatives have been included in several events and regular meetings on the strategic direction of Integrated Care and how this can be practically developed locally.

Day to Day Practice

Patient representatives from CPPEG attend all key regular CCG committee (around 17 or so in all) plus e.g. shorter-lived committees/groups on e.g. procurement matters or the planning of Locally Commissioned Services. Without exception patient representatives report they are welcomed and encouraged to contribute in these meetings and are really listened to.    GP Locality Meetings include a regular slot for feedback on CPPEG activities and to hear comments.  CPPEG has difficulty timetabling all the requests received for presentations and engagement.

Camden CCG has the aim of supporting the development of GP practices Patient Participation Groups.   There is also a readiness to learn from and work cooperatively the citizens engagement activities undertaken by the Council and to maximise ways of using these networks to mutual benefit of all service providers.  Healthwatch and Voluntary Action Camden are also a trusted and respected partners in this arena.   

It is evident to patient representatives that GPs are increasingly working deliver service across organisational boundaries to provide integrated care and improved patient experience.

Feedback and evaluation

There is good and respected interaction between the CCG and the council and other organisations.  Public and patient engagement is part of the integrated cultural norm in Camden CCG. See also above.

Equalities and health inequalities

Special efforts are made by the CCG to hear the views of seldom heard groups.

There is a clearly stated commitment to reducing health inequalities and to identify where and why these exist and to monitor and demonstrate achievement of equal access and treatment for all.   Increasing attention is being given to the positive use of new technology, in all sort of ways, to improve patient outcomes for all, with careful attention to public/patient response and concerns or wishes.


At the Camden level patients are reassured about the future levels of public and patient engagement.  Patients await with interest to see how this will be achieved at the new NCL CCG level in a way that reflects not only NCL wide perspective but also takes full account of Borough level perspectives.  

Allegra Lynch - Chief Executive Officer - Camden Carers Centre

As in previous years carers in Camden have been consulted on health issues that impact on both themselves and the person they care for by Camden Clinical Commissioning Group. Through Camden Carers Centre their views and feedback are sort on a range of issues. Both CCG staff and lay GB members continue to listen to the voice of carers.

Rosemary Frazer - with responsibility for training and development at Camden Disability Action (CDA) 

Having worked with Camden CCG over the past 12 months and attended a number of meetings where I raised issues around the healthcare of disabled people in Camden. I have always found the Camden CCG team willing to listen to the issues raised and offer solutions and support where possible.

Baroness Glenys Thornton - NHS Camden CCG – Lay Governing Body Member  


Patient and community engagement is integrated into the CCG operations at every level and is very valued in the planning and implementation of our objectives.

Annual reporting

We regard the reporting of engagement as essential, and it is meaningful and related to real experience within communities. This gives it strength.

Day to day practice

It is my experience that at all levels of the CCG for both employees and board members consideration is given to patient and community engagement and feeding this information into decision making and conduct.

Feedback and evaluation

This is a vital indicator, it is done thoroughly and is related to patients’ circumstances and experience. As a GB member I regard this as an essential tool of my job.

Equalities and health inequalities

Patient and community engagement brings real life experience and narrative to the familiar research and statistics about health inequalities. This is very important when we are taking decisions about how to us scarce resources in the best way to tackle health inequalities