A quote from an attendee: “It is not often I'm glad to be a Camden resident, but this sort of workshop really makes it worth it- it has been really useful 

In response to feedback from patients and the public the CCG has developed a self-care booklet and a local GP and pharmacist have delivered a number of workshops since April 2018 informing the public about: 

  • What is self-care?
  • How to manage your aliments at home.
  • How to stay healthy.
  • Contact details for local health and social care organisations.
  • The relationship between a patient who self-cares, the pharmacist and GP.
  • When patients should attend A&E.
  • The services that are available from a pharmacy. 

By the end of workshops patients and their families and carers:

  • Know what is the most appropriate service for their symptoms.
  • When you can manage your symptoms at home.
  • When you should see your pharmacist.
  • When you should see your GP.
  • When do you need to go to A&E. 

Over 150 patients with long term conditions have attended the workshops since 2018. All of the feedback has been positive. 

The CCG Local Care Strategy leads on the development of self-care which has established a work stream with a report and forward plan.