Presenting the Patient Voice to the Governing Body

Annual Report 2018/19  – Patient comments highlights

Hillary Lance, Chair of Camden Patient and Public Engagement Group. 

“Having been chair of CPPEG since August 2017, and having been a member of CPPEG for over three years I am pleased at the continuing working relationships between the CCG and CPPEG. The CCG has hosted regular open meetings for Camden residents and two discussion forums for general practice PPG members which reflect what patients and residents want discussed. The positive outcomes are reported regularly to the Governing Body. I am particularly pleased that patients are represented and welcomed on all key CCG committees/groups (e.g. Finance & Performance, Quality & Safety, Integrated Commissioning Committee, Procurement Committee and others). This reflects the CCG’s values of transparency and openness. The CCG always takes patients views seriously and welcomes feedback.”

John Levite, CPPEG Representative on Finance and Performance Committee 

“When first being elected to CPPEG three years ago I was not only interested, but also pleasantly surprised, to learn that amongst the committees on which CPPEG members were invited to sit was Finance and Performance (F&P). That the CCG Governing Body felt it important to have a voting patient representative on F&P seemed to me then, as now, indicative of the seriousness with Camden CCG takes the issue of patient representation and participation. Having served on the F&P committee through three years of increasing financial challenge, I continue to be impressed by the diligence with which the committee undertakes its task and answers to its Terms of Reference.”

Pat Callaghan - Deputy Leader, Health and Wellbeing Board Member and Cabinet Member for Tackling Health Inequalities and Promoting Independence

“I feel [involving the public in governance] is very strong in Camden, as each member of the Board are all very enthusiastic about working together to improve the health of the population. As the Lead Member for Health Improvements in Camden, I have a good relationship with members of the CCG and get regular feedback from the two Non-exec Directors’, the Chair and the Chief Operating Officer and the Deputy Head of Engagement”.

“Within Camden the CCG, Healthwatch, the VCS and other organisations all work together to promote and improve health services for those in most need. We are also very aware of the determinants and their impact on the quality of life of our residents. We are all committed to developing strategies and policies which will translate in to better services for our community.”

Allegra Lynch - Chief Executive Officer - Camden Carers Centre

“Camden Carers Centre feel that carers are consulted and their voices heard by Camden CCG. There are some excellent staff and trustees who have really made an effort to support and understand the needs of carers in the borough and listen to the issues that carers face on a regular basis. We are actively supported and encouraged to contribute to health issues across Camden and members of the board and staff are always happy to join meetings we hold for carers.”

We report bi-monthly on the work we have done with patients, carers, public and the voluntary and third sector via Kathy Elliott, Vice Chair of Camden CCG responsible for patient and community engagement and Hilary Lance who presents the patient story which is referenced in the Governing Body minutes.  

The Patient Voice Reports give a review of the engagement activity across the CCG, the difference that engagement has made to commissioning decision making and our services. 

The reports also detail You Said and We Did in response to the information and feedback that we have given. Highlights from You Said and We Did are also referenced in-depth on another page of the website. 

You can view the bi-monthly Governing Body Patient Voice Reports below: 

You can find out more about how we communicate and engage with patients, carers and the public from our Communications and Engagement Strategy.