General practice patient participation groups (PPGs)

PPGs are groups of patients linked with a GP practice. There are different forms of PPGs, some meet on a regular basis, some are virtual groups, and they all vary in size. PPGs can represent the patients at a practice and provide feedback on the services their practice offers, help the practice make improvements and promote health and improved quality of care. To find out about your PPG and how to join the PPG at your practice you should check their website or contact the practice manager. 

PPG Success Stories. There are many success stories in relation to PPGs across England and some from Camden are highlighted below (these have also have been presented at PPG forums and disseminated in social media and the PPG newsletter).  

Success story 1 (October 2018): Hampstead Group Practice

Focused action changes things – The PPG chair concluded that dialogue in the PPG meetings led to decisions about what the practice and PPG would do. All comments and suggestions given via the comments book are also discussed before practice staff attend the meeting. 

Success story 2 (October 2018): Park End Surgery Practice

Improving the number of patients accessing the practice online – PPG members attended morning surgeries after opening rush and provided registration letters and simple instructions about registering to give to patients who were waiting. Surgery staff processed the patient’s registration letters whilst patients were at their appointments. Patients left with all the information and registration details to start using Patient Access. 

Success story 3 (April 2018): Caversham Group Practice – Listening Space Garden Project

Patients and PPG members supported the practice in developing and maintaining a garden space to be used for patient groups, staff use and local community events.

Success story 4 (April 2018): Caversham Group Practice – developing a good PPG

The vice chair of the PPG and Camden CCG presented good practice on developing a PPG in line with reflections of Caversham Group Practice PPG.  

Since 2016 Camden CCG has supported the development of PPGs by hosting 2 forum meetings throughout the year. (Follow this link to view success stories in 2016/17)

We have a borough-wide PPG Network. This is a forum for sharing information about PPGs and for feeding back on NHS services.  The PPGs hold meetings every six months.  Meeting dates for 2019 are listed below. 

  • Thursday 11th April (18:00-20:30)
  • Thursday 17th October (18:00-20:30) 

Since April 2018 the following topics were presented and discussed at the PPG forum meetings at the request of PPG members

PPG Forum Meeting - 18 October 2018

1a) Will Huxter, Director of Strategy, North Central London CCGs presented North Central London – Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) achievements and future direction 

  1. b) Sally MacKinnon, Director of Transformation, Planning & Delivery Camden CCG presented Camden Local Care Strategy (LCS) achievements and future direction 

2: Patient Participation Group (PPG) success stories (Question and Answer Panel) 

  1. a) David Green, PPG Chair presented Hampstead Group Practice – Focused action changes things (comments book) 
  1. b) Connie Smith, PPG member presented Park End Surgery Practice (getting patients online) 

3: Camden CCG Commissioning Plans 2019/20 (Inc. Question time panel)

Sally MacKinnon, Director of Transformation, Planning & Delivery presented CCG Commissioning Plans 2019/20 

4: Martin Emery, Communications and Engagement Team & Eli Collis, PPG member - Gray’s Inn Road Medical Centre  presented Promoting and supporting Self-Care for patients in Camden (Inc. Question time panel)

PPG Forum Meeting - 10 April 2018

1: Amanda Rimington, Senior Commissioning Manager - Primary Care NHS Camden CCG, Pal Bhambra, Senior Manager & Sabine Mohammed, Deputy Senior Manager AT Medics presented Camden GP Hubs update (Inc. Question and Answer panel)

2: Patient Participation Group (PPG) success stories (Inc. Question and Answer panel) 

  1. A) Roderick Allison, PPG Manager & Fay Saunders, Deputy Practice Manager presented Caversham Group Practice – Garden Project 
  1. b) Kathy Elliott, Vice Chair Camden CCG and Caversham Group Practice PPG member presented National Association Patient Participation – what makes a good PPG

3: Julia Mills, Head of Children’s Integrated Commissioning presented Improving the health of children and young people 

In table groups, PPG members discussed what role do you think communities and families can play to support the promotion of physical/mental health and wellbeing amongst children and young people 

4: Anna Wright, Deputy Director, Policy Lead, Healthwatch Camden presented Accessible Information Standard in General Practice (Inc. Question and Answer panel)

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