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Our Vision  

“Working with the people in Camden to achieve the best health for all” 

The CCG Business Plan (2015-18) sets out eight strategic objectives, ensuring we move towards our vision, objective E: Work jointly with the people and patients of Camden to shape the services we commission helps us to achieve this. The Governing Body Patient Voice reports detail the patient and community engagement work that has been undertaken over the previous 2 months and demonstrates how we are working towards our vision and Business Plan Objective E.

The CCG Business Plan objectives are reviewed regularly at the Governing Body meeting, with representatives from the Camden Borough Council, Healthwatch Camden, Public Health and Voluntary Action Camden all contributing as partners.

To ensure CCG staff include excellent Patient and Public Engagement activity in planning a set of engagement principles has been developed: 

Camden CCG Engagement Principles

  • We will ensure our engagement reflects the diversity of our population.
  • We will involve communities that experience the greatest health inequalities and poorest health.
  • We will tailor and target our engagement to involve different groups and remove barriers that may stop people from getting involved.
  • We will coordinate with local partners to ensure our work is delivered by those best placed to involve different people and communities.
  • We will conduct all engagement with respect.
  • We will plan well and involve people as early as possible.
  • We will use plain language and openly share information.
  • We will make use of best practice and learn from others.
  • We will be clear about how peoples’ involvement will be used and give feedback on the results of involvement.
  • We will evaluate the effectiveness of our activities, sharing our learning. 

Why we need you

We need to work with you to make sure we commission the best services for you.  Information from patients about how we can plan and commission services that are easy to get to and helpful to use goes into our plans for new services, and for changing existing services to make them better.  This is such a key part of our work that for us it is not just a legal requirement for us to engage with patients, carers, and local residents but key to everything we do. 

Highlighted below are some of the ways that we engage with patients, carers and the public 

Camden Patient & Public Engagement Group (CPPEG)

CPPEG is made up of representatives from local general practice patient participation groups (PPGs). Twelve PPG members are elected by general practice PPG members and can serve two terms (a term lasts for three years). The rest of the membership of the group consists of representatives from Healthwatch Camden, Camden Carers Service, Voluntary Action Camden, Camden Disability Action and Age UK Camden) and CCG staff (Vice Chair of the CGG, Head of Communications and Engagement and the Senior Engagement Manager). The elected patients PPG members sit on all the CCG internal committees (for example, Finance & Performance, Integrated Commissioning Committee and Procurement Committees). 

The role of the PPG members on the internal committees ensures that we are involving the public in governance of the CCG and we meet our values of being open and transparent. The PPG members produce bi monthly reports on what is happening within the committees which are disseminated to the general practice PPGs via the patient newsletter and social media @camden_ccg. PPG members all attend a corporate induction and receive an annual refresher induction which covers:

  • The Commissioning Cycle.
  • The Business Plan.
  • Your right to be involved, the law of consultation and why engagement is important.
  • Snapshot of engagement in Camden (inc. key stakeholders).
  • Camden Local Care Strategy.
  • Role description, code of conduct and honorary contracts.
  • CCG organisational structure.
General Practice Patient Participation Groups (PPGs)

PPGs help us to engage with the local communities.  PPGs contribute ideas, feedback and suggestions directly to their practices, and members can also be involved in wider work throughout the borough of Camden. The CCG hosts two Camden-wide PPG meetings a year to share good practice in PPGs, examples can be accessed via the following link (to be inserted). If you want to join your local PPG all you have to do is ask the practice manager or the communications and engagement team at Camden CCG (email:

Camden Citizens Panel

We have established a Citizens’ Panel to help us gather Camden residents’ insight and opinion on local health and care. The panel membership stands at 1,200 and is reflective of the borough in Camden in relation to protected characteristics (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality and disability). The following link takes you to the panel page.

Patient Newsletter

We publish a bi-monthly patient newsletter. The newsletter is disseminated to general practice PPG members, Citizens Panel members and colleagues at the council and other local health providers to disseminate to local residents. In the newsletter you can find out about what is happening around commissioning plans, public consultations and patient calls to get involved. The newsletter is also disseminated via CCG social media and local stakeholders.  

Gathering feedback

We also run specific surveys (e.g. self-care) and events (e.g. help us to help you stay well during the winter) to help us gather information and feedback on individual services, and to ask what patients want from new services, or how existing services can improve. 

We also collect Equality and Diversity information about the people we connect with, to ensure we are hearing from everyone and treating people equitably.

Everyone is welcome to attend Governing Body Meetings

Our Governing Body meetings are held in public to hear about the CCG’s work.  For dates of future meetings and forthcoming papers, you can contact the Governing Body Secretary Kofo Abayomi (email: 

You can also submit questions to the Governing Body via Kofo Abayomi and the Senior Engagement Manager, Martin Emery (email:

Patient Voice Reports

We report bi-monthly on the work we have done with patients, carers, public and the voluntary and third sector via: 

  • Annual Report
  • Bi-monthly Governing Body Patient Voice Reports

You can find out more about how we communicate and engage with patients, carers and the public from our Communications and Engagement Strategy

What we do next

With information from PPGs and consultations, and from other sources, we make plans for what we will commission and how. To find out more about how we make decisions, please contact Martin Emery (

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