Data Proctection (Fair Processing)

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In Camden we take data protection very seriously. There are three different levels of data sharing that the CCG work within.

1. Local data sharing initiatives – where we work with specific local NHS and Social Care organisations to support our functions as commissioners and to enable better development of key services at the right place and time.

As the CCG works in partnership across with a number of different providers, not everyone will be included in all local data sharing. Further information can be found as downloads attached or by speaking to the relevant organisations you are seeing.

 In most cases, the CCG will only use anonymised in context (AIC) data – this is de-identified information in accordance with the ICO Code of Practice for Anonymisation. We have provided a more detailed list of all data sharing as part of the CCG's Fair Processing Notification including the options available to you for being included / excluded from these initiatives. 

2. Care Integrated Digital Record (CIDR) - We are linking together health and social care records online for all Camden patients registered with a Camden GP practice. This is so that health and social care professionals in Camden can view relevant information they need to provide patients with the best possible care. This is not a new record but a new way of supporting our patients or residents, by linking their various existing health and social care records and making this accessible to the right people at the right time. You can opt out of CIDR at any time by speaking to your GP.

3. National data sharing initiatives – where the CCG is required, it supports national objectives to share information to improve our patient care and experiences. 

  1. NHS Summary Care Records – The Summary Care Record contains information about your allergies, medications and reactions you have to medications, so that in an emergency or when your GP practice is closed this information is available so that you can be cared for.
  2. Data Services for Commissioners – this service supports the secondary use of information for commissioning purposes including financial payments, service development and other key objectives nationally. Information shared under these rules are primarily between service providers (acute, community and primary care) and NHS Digital. Information shared beyond this are then anonymised for further use by the CCG.