Primary care

Primary care

Primary care is usually your first point of contact when you are unwell.

Most primary care services in Camden are delivered through the boroughs’ 35 GP surgeries. Primary care also includes dentists, pharmacies and optometrists.

We have joint responsibility (with NHS England) for commissioning and contracting local GP services.

In addition to national core services funded by NHS England, we fund Camden general practices to deliver services to help meet local needs and priorities. These are called local incentive schemes.

We recognise the importance of long term investment in primary care and are investing an additional £6.8 million over three years to deliver six priorities set out in our Primary care Mandate. These are to:

  1. Enhance the patient experience
  2. Create a primary care service that acts as an enabler for other programme initiatives
  3. Ensure quality and safety
  4. Improve equity of access
  5. Ensure continuity of care
  6. Bring care as close as possible to the patient and their own GP.

To deliver these priorities we are investing in four key areas:

  1. Increasing GP capacity
  2. Developing the nursing workforce
  3. Caring for the physical health of patients with severe mental illness
  4. Enabling IT infrastructure to support service improvement.

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