Local care

The story so far

Camden is a very diverse and complex borough.

While outcomes for local people in many areas have been improving over the last decade, there are still significant inequalities that need to be addressed.

The local health and care economy is facing decreasing financial resources at the same time as increasing demand for services.

In Camden, the care that people receive outside of hospital comes from many different places, such as GP surgeries, community health centres, specialist units and social services.

With around 230,000 people living in the borough and more than 100 health and care agencies, it can be hard making sure that everyone works together in the most effective way possible and that residents receive the best care.

Improving for the future

We know that care works best when it is joined up, because it offers an improved quality of service to individuals and makes better use of our resources.

With increasing demand for health and care services, we need services to be more focused on prevention and supporting people to care for themselves, rather than only treating people when they are unwell.

The Camden Local Care Strategy will bring together the health and social care organisations in the borough, to develop a whole system approach to the delivery of these services in the future.

This will mean a more consistent and united approach based on a shared model of care, ultimately helping to deliver the best health for all.

An introduction to the Camden Local Care Strategy (available in the downloads) sets out our plans in full.

What does this mean for me?

We need input and involvement from residents, patients, voluntary agencies and a range of health, care and community providers to make this strategy work.

Camden patient or resident

The Camden Local Care Strategy will change the way that you receive health and care services over the next five years.

The main driver of this strategy is to improve care for local people, so it’s important that Camden residents are involved at every stage.

Below are just some of the methods that we are using to engage patients and members of the public in our partnership and decision making process:

Camden Local Care Patient Reference Group - We have set up a patient reference group, specifically to provide ongoing input into the Camden Local Care strategy.

Citizens Panel - We are also using a randomly selected representative panel of more than 1,000 Camden residents to gather views on local services and what needs to change.

Healthwatch - We work closely with Healthwatch Camden who form part of our partnership and regularly attend meetings, acting as a voice for the people of Camden.

Social media - We’ll be sharing updates, films and other media on Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversation using #camdelocalcare and follow us on Twitter: @Camden_CCG   

Open meetings - Regular updates on the strategy will be presented to the Camden Patient and Public Engagement Group (CPPEG) open meetings.

For more information about attending meetings or getting involved in any of the above, please email localcare@camdenccg.nhs.uk 

Camden providers

Whether you work for the NHS, a charity, social services or a voluntary agency, as an organisation delivering health and care services in Camden, you are an important part of our Local Care Partnership and our plans for the future.

We have already engaged with over 50 providers across Camden and you will have a representative within your organisation who is linking into our regular meetings:

  • Camden Local Care Operational Board – monthly
  • Camden Local Care Strategic Board – monthly

Below is a list of the providers involved in our Camden Local Care Partnership:

Your representative will be able to explain what the strategy means for you in your role.

If your organisation isn’t on the list and/or you would like to find out more please email: localcare@camdenccg.nhs.uk


The Camden Local Care Strategy is being jointly commissioned by us (NHS Camden CCG), Public Health Camden and Camden Council.

Our commissioners form part of the Camden Local Care Partnership and will jointly plan the roll out of the new strategy with providers, patients and our other stakeholders.

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