Homeopathic remedies

Our commissioning policy (Procedures of Limited Clinical Effectiveness - PoLCE) does not permit routine local NHS funding of homeopathic remedies (including Iscador). 

As University College London Hospitals (UCLH) is located within the geographical boundaries of Camden CCG, we are the lead commissioner for Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine. 

UCLH is contractually bound by the terms set by Camden CCG. Other CCGs - responsible for commissioning services for their patients - have signed up to the conditions of this contract (including the PoLCE policy).  

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine has taken steps to ensure that they are adhering to our commissioning policy; part of this has included providing information on purchasing medicines with a private prescription from their and other homeopathic pharmacies.

For information about Individual Funding Requests (IFR) in cases of exceptionality, please contact your local CCG.