Public health report focuses on preventing ill health in Camden

As the old adage says, “prevention is better than cure”. The simple rationale for prevention is that it is better and cheaper to prevent problems before they arise.

Finding ways to transform the health and care system and make it sustainable for the future has never felt more pressing, given the current financial challenges facing the NHS and local government. 

The 2016/17 Annual Public Health Report The economics of prevention and the role of the NHS has been published, looking into ways in which a strong evidence base for prevention and early intervention can be used locally to improve the health and care outcomes for people living in Camden and Islington.

The report looks into how a fundamental reorientation of the system towards prevention could improve health outcomes, keep people independent and well, and reduce demand for reactive high cost services.

This will all help the local health system ensure future sustainability.

The focus of this year’s Annual Public Health Report is on the economics of prevention and on those prevention interventions that will help the NHS save money in the short term. This will not only reduce demand for more expensive, particularly acute, hospital care, but will make the system more sustainable, and when delivered at scale, will have a demonstrable impact on the health and wellbeing of residents, their families and wider communities.