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The information below gives an overview of some of the actions that the CCG has undertaken as a result of listening to what local people have told us. Moving forward an additional example will be added to this webpage showing how the CCG has listened to local people following each Patient Voice Report.

Please note that the Patient Voice Report is presented at the Governing Body bi-monthly and highlights more examples. This can be accessed by searching Governing Body papers or Camden Patient & Public Engagement Group (CPPEG) bi monthly operational group meeting papers.

Please contact Martin Emery, Deputy Head of Engagement (Tel: 0203 688 1755, email: if you have any questions.

Camden GP Extended Access

You Said

July 2017 – General Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG) members who attended the Bi Annual PPG forum) asked for clarification on what was planned for improving access to General Practice (GP) Services in Camden

May 2017 - CPPEG members asked AT Medics (recently appointed service provider) to attend a public meeting to explain what was planned for GP extended access services in Camden 

We Did

August 2017 

Camden CCG (commissioner) and AT Medics (provider) confirmed that the Extended Access Service has been developed to offer patients more accessibility to GPs outside normal working hours. The Hub Service will be available Monday – Friday from 6:30pm-8pm and over the weekends (including Bank Holidays) from 8am-8pm.

In collaboration with AT Medics an open meeting was held with the public (to view the presentation click here)  and the public were informed about

  • What is the Hub?
  • Who it is for?
  • Who can use the service?
  • Proposed Hub locations?
  • Options Appraisal?
  • The proposal
  • Patient engagement and co-design plan

 AT Medics and Camden CCG will also host an open meeting in 12 months to show the outcomes achieved from the patient engagement plan and the extending General Practice Extended Access service.

CPPEG members and local people asked for local hospitals to present what was good and needed to improve in relation to patient experience

You Said

The following hospital presented their improvement plans over the last 12 months at CPPEG open meetings:

  • Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust (RFH)
  • University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH)
  • Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNWL)

We Did

Representatives from the local providers will be attending CPPEG operational meetings during 2017/18 to reassure the CCG and local people on implementation of their improvement plans to improve the patient experience.

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